What We Deliver

At Alliance Medical Solutions we do not simply state “the client is always right”, we live it. By implementing a boutique approach to medical billing we are able to design our client solutions on an open architecture platform that allows us to fill any gaps which are prohibiting maximum efficiency in your practice. This dynamic offering of services is customizable on a per client basis and allow us to offer rates starting as low as 3%.


The role of the medical provider should be to spend time with their patients and by embracing our solutions you can get back to practicing quality medicine.

Billing Services

Our highly trained team of certified billing experts will provide your facility with superior billing, coding and collection capabilities. Our service provides an individually assigned account manager that will work on your account to achieve optimal performance and results that will maximize collections, prevent denials and eliminate “write offs.” Our staff takes pride in aggressively following up on unpaid claims. We file all primary & secondary claims electronically, assuring quality, accuracy and accountability.

EMR/EHR Implementation & Training

The decision to move from paper charts to Electronic Medical Records can be very challenging. However, with the imminent changes in healthcare we know the need to go paperless is there. Our certified consultants will help you identify your requirements and capabilities so that you choose the correct EMR for you. More than that, they will be in your office helping you implement the software and provide comprehensive training so that the conversion from paper to EMR is a success.


Credentialing can be pivotal to the success of your practice especially if you are opening a new location or just starting your career. Not being able to see patients, due to credentialing issues, can cause damage to your cashflow. As insurance companies close provider panels and make the barrier of entry for physicians even higher, the peace of mind our credentialing team can deliver is invaluable.

Incentive Program Guidance

Now that you have embraced your EMR it is time to qualify for the various incentive programs. Our experienced consultants will provide expert guidance to help you qualify for the incentive programs. We guarantee our results and provide Audit Support if required.

Targeted Account Receivable Recovery

“That claim is too old, it will never get paid.” You will never hear those words in our office which is why we offer Targeted A/R Recovery on claims 60 day and older with a defined scope. Our team will take a “snapshot” of your A/R before they begin working and at the end of the assigned period of work they will produce a report of collections. This is a great way to clean up your practice and test our services prior to a billing commitment.

Patient Insurance Eligibility Verification

Seeing patients pro bono is a noble cause but is a decision that should be made voluntarily. We offer an eligibility verification service to confirm whether or not your patient’s insurance will cover any given procedure. This advanced notice is an invaluable scheduling tool and will prevent you from providing services which will not get paid.

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